Bilby Plc

Major Works in Progress

Client: Ashford Borough Council

Location: Repton, Ashford, Kent

Scope: Design and construction of a new single storey community centre.

Duration: September 2016 to October 2017

Comments: Steel frame complete and superstructure and masonry underway. To be followed by formation of multi-use games area and associated drainage.

Client: Optivo

Location: Beaumaris Court, Thornton Heath, Greater London

Scope: Design and construction of 35 new apartments and extension and refurbishment of the existing St Margaret's House (Victorian building) to create a further 5 units.

Duration: August 2016 to August 2018

Comments: Demolition completed. Foundation and drainage works underway.

Client: Ashford Borough Council

Location: Various sites across Ashford

Scope: Design and construction of 23 new homes for affordable housing built across 9 sites.

Duration: January 2017

Comments: Several sites in demolition phase, construction works starting March at some sites.

Client: West Kent Homes

Location: Grovehurst Road, Sittingbourne, Kent

Scope: Construction of 15 homes for shared ownership.

Duration: Spring 2017 to Spring 2018

Client: Optivo

Location: Winchester House, St Leonard's on Sea

Scope: Alteration and refurbishment of a former school building to form 20 units and the demolition of an existing annex and design and construction of 6 dwellings.

Duration: February 2017 - March 2018